Welcome to the website of the European Criminal Law Association - ECLA(UK)

ECLA(UK) brings together academics, government and private criminal law practitioners and anyone interested in the wider emerging concept of a European criminal law. Our objects include promotion of the study of European criminal law and procedure; awareness of economic crime in Europe (including in particular fraud and corruption in relation to the Budget of the European Union) and we aim to provide a forum for practitioners, academics and professionals to discuss policies and developments in relation to European criminal law and procedure.


The Publications section now contains Book Reviews - if any member wants to publish please send your copy to the Hon. Sec: triciaghowse@gmail.com 


The following events are upcoming:

ECLA UK 2014 programme at the IALS:

  • The ECLA 2014 Programme will include seminars on the CJEU, The European Investigation Order, a Roadmap update, Victims Rights in the EU, Data Protection and Surveillance, Pre Trial Detention in the EU. Save these dates: 19th Feb, 7th April, 12th May, 7th July, 13th October and 8th December. More details to follow and meanwhile a Merry Christmas to you all.

Also of interest

To see information about previous events held by ECLA, see the Past Events page.