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Welcome to the website of the European Criminal Law Association - ECLA(UK)

The European Criminal Law Association (ECLA UK) is an unincorporated association of practitioners, academics and others interested in the emerging body of European Criminal law - a body which will not be going away on Brexit day and which many of us will continue to need (or want) to keep an eye on for many years to come. We have been going since 1980 and we intend to continue to study, discuss and provide information on the development of the criminal law in Europe by means of seminars, publications and this website. If you are not a member, you can join simply and cheaply.

Data Policy

Our Data policy can be found with our Constitution but it is very simple. ECLA’s Honorary Secretary and Treasurer keep your name, email and possibly also your address and phone number (culled from your membership application) safely on their own computers and use the data to send out flyers, papers and other information relating to ECLA or other organisations with a similar focus. You can check or change what we hold by contacting either official.


The ECLA(UK) President's Report 2017 by Professor John Spencer is now available.


The following events are upcoming:

ECLA 2019 Seminar Programme:

All seminars are at the INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED LEGAL STUDIES, Russell Square, London WC1 on Tuesdays between 5.30 and 7pm.  Please note times may change slightly.

To see information about previous events held by ECLA, see the Past Events page.