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Welcome to the website of the European Criminal Law Association - ECLA(UK)

ECLA(UK) brings together academics, government and private criminal law practitioners and anyone interested in the wider emerging concept of a European criminal law. Our objects include promotion of the study of European criminal law and procedure; awareness of economic crime in Europe (including in particular fraud and corruption in relation to the Budget of the European Union) and we aim to provide a forum for practitioners, academics and professionals to discuss policies and developments in relation to European criminal law and procedure.


The ECLA(UK) President's Report 2017 by Professor John Spencer is now available.


The following events are upcoming:

ECLA 2018 Seminar Programme:

  • Tuesday 10th April: Professor John Spencer - Where are we now with Brexit?
  • Tuesday 5th June: Framework Directive on racism and Xenophobia, hate crimes and speech crimes
  • Tuesday 2nd Oct: Juvenile Justice - Directive on Childrens’ Rights
  • Tuesday 6th Nov: Whither International Co-operation? Police, Extradition, Mutual Legal Assistance after Brexit
  • Tuesday 4th Dec: European Investigation Orders and European Supervision Order

All seminars are at the INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED LEGAL STUDIES, Russell Square, London WC1 on Tuesdays between 5.30 and 7pm.  Please note times may change slightly.

To see information about previous events held by ECLA, see the Past Events page.