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Two recent items of news that may be of interest to ECLA members

First, on 25th October the Government announced that it has decided to “opt in” to the negotiations for the creation of an EU Directive guaranteeing criminal defendants certain minimum rights to information. (See the Ministry of Justice news release of that date, entitled “New Rights to Protect Britons Abroad”.

Secondly, on November 11th the Government introduced its European Union Bill. Designed to placate those who were disgruntled that the previous Government signed the UK up to the Lisbon Treaty without a referendum, this is designed to make further “transfers of sovereignty to Brussels” exceptionally difficult. The mechanism is to provide that the UK cannot accede to various possible future measures without a national referendum. Foremost among the measures thereby put beyond the range of political possibility (assuming it was ever within it!) is participation in the European Public Prosecutor.


ECLA events @ IALS: 28th October

A seminar entitled "Reducing the risk of fraud and corruption in EU Procurement" will be held on 28th October at 2.30-6.00pm.


ECLA events @ IALS: 7th October

An evening seminar entitled "Defence Rights in EU investigations: criminal, administrative & competition" will be held on 7th October at 5.30-7.00pm. We hope, by taking a look at current arrangements, to draw some conclusions about what will be needed for the new Evidence Information Order (EIO).

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Next ECLA(UK) Committee Meeting: 20th September

The next meeting of the Committee of ECLA(UK) will be held on Monday 20th September at 82 Marchmont Street, London, at 6.30pm.


Launch of the new ECLA website

As part of the process of changing from the Association to Combat Fraud in Europe (ACFE), the newly created European Criminal Law Association (ECLA)UK website has been launched.

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